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You remember old Thoth, don't you? As the Egyptian god of writing and knowledge, we suspect he also oversees the Internet


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Thoth Communications deals in words and Web presences. We can design your site, for a lot less than you thought possible. We can supply you with site content or edit your own content so that it meets professional standards of literacy and stands out from the ever-growing parade of sites with good products but poor spelling, bad grammar, and limp syntax. Or, we can provide exceptional editorial services for words in print form.

We possess subject expertise in several areas, including but by no means limited to 

     Historic preservation
     Children= s literature
     The presentation of complex technical subjects to lay audiences.

Mission Statement

We want to make money by giving our clients good value and the highest possible quality, thus enabling them to present themselves with the professionalism and panache their good ideas deserve.

Company Profile

Thoth Communications is a partnership between certified Old Computer Geek (read, ARPA Net user/electronic engineer) and a versatile, professionally trained writer, editor and copy editor. The fact that they are married to each other has nothing, and everything, to do with the partnership.

Description of Site

Here you will find a detailed list of our services, a portfolio of our active Web sites, contact information, profiles of our principals, and a few cheerful snippets of information about our patron, the mighty Thoth.  For example, did you know that in his long-billed ibis form he represents the pens used by the scribes of ancient Egypt?


Web Design

Our Web design philosophy is simple: When you need a Palm Pilot, you shouldn= t buy a mainframe. When you want a can-opener, you really don= t need a chain saw. And in order to smell the roses, you don= t have to buy the gardens at Versailles. In other words, sometimes less is more. Our past clients have wanted to establish a Web presence without having to mortgage the










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